What’s in a name? In our case Strike Brewing Co. is the culmination of a dream that was forged on a baseball field. After a storied run through college, single, and double A baseball, Drew Ehrlich, our award winning master brewer, was ready to launch his next adventure.

In July 2008, he and Jenny Lewis (collegiate swimmer, serial entrepreneur, and our CEO), were celebrating a birthday and giving her future husband (Drew’s best man and former teammate), a hard time about his allegiance to watered-down beer. Jenny and Drew asked, “Why not brew session beer for everyone that tastes good?”.

Thus Strike Brewing Co. was borne from that fiery discussion. Drew knew he could balance superior malty flavors with a variety of  hops to create truly wonderful and unique beers. Far better tasting than any mass produced beer. With a burning passion he set off to do just that.

Fast-forward to 2011 and our first Session Series-Blonde, Brown, Porter and Wit started rolling of the line. Later that year we added an IPA, Double IPA, Imperial Red, and Stout to the line-up. In 2014 the Strike brewing Co. Warehouse taproom opens. In July 2015 we launched a venture with the renowned NHS, Inc.’s Santa Cruz Skateboard Company which produced our Red Dot Classic Blonde Ale.  An immediate hit, plans are already in motion to collaborate with other NHS brands as well.

Jennifer Lewis
Founder / CEO & General Manager


Jennifer launched her professional career with a chain of six specialty bakeries. She sat on the board of the National Association of Catering Executives and went on to study the brewing industry in graduate school. With an MBA from the Jones School of Business entrepreneurship program, Jennifer continues to drive the rapid expansion of Strike Brewing Company.

Drew Ehrlich
Founder/ Brewmaster


Former Stanford baseball pitcher and graduate, Drew Ehrlich, immersed himself in the brewing industry, winning the Gold Medal US Open Beer Championship in 2013. Drew assisted commercial brewers Firehouse Brewing in Sunnyvale, California. He has created over 100 recipes and is the Brewmaster of all of the Strike Brewing Company beer.


Ben Spencer
Director of Brewery Operations & Brewmaster


Ben Spencer, the newest member of our team is coming from nearly 20 years of experience in both brewing and facility management. He is passionate about all things beer and brings to the table a unique love for the creative nature of beer making. Joining us as the Director of Brewing Operations & Brewmaster, you can look for new and big moves by Strike Brewing Co. in coming years.


Ryan Bridge


Ryan has been brewing at Strike Brewing Co. since early 2015 and is passionate for the industry and sharing his craft. Over the last couple of years, Ryan has helped develop our "Bullpen Series" line-up of experimental and one-off brews, culminating in a Silver Medal at the 2016 US Open Beer Championship for Screaming Hand Imperial Amber.


Bill Voight


With 30+ years experience in operations, capital projects, and startups, Bill applies his vast experience to help Strike grow. Bill was formerly the VP of operations at Nektar Therapeutics and Director of Operations at Abbott Laboratories. Bill holds several advanced degrees and is an expert in manufacturing operations.


Robert Wells
Nation Sales Manager


Robert has over 30 years experience in Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations, with a substantial expertise in building territories to full capacity. Robert is passionate about the people that craft delicious beers, the ceaseless attention to quality, and the immense potential for growth in an industry he loves.

James Parks
Marketing & Operations Advisor

James is a Kaizen partner and formerly CEO of PrizeBox. James has extensive experience scaling early stage startups, raising seed capital, and leading operations.

James is on the advisory board of several startups in the United States, assisting with marketing, scaling, operations, distribution, and product.

Barry Enderwick
Marketing Advisor


Barry is a Kaizen partner who for 11 years helped Netflix grow from a pre-IPO, US startup to an international entertainment brand with over 23 million subscribers. Barry advises several startups, not just in, marketing, but brand, customer acquisition, conversion, UX, and social media integration.


Gary McMath
Brand Advisor

Gary is a Kaizen partner who for 8 years helped Netflix explode from a few million to 33 million U.S. subscribers. Before that, Gary was the head of brand at AT&T wireless with 55 million customers. Gary advises several startups in the Bay Area.



Alayna Mills
Taproom Team

Alayna is a history buff. A beer history buff! And a tremendously big fan of the rich history of women in the beer industry. Alayna's favorite styles are Scottish Wee Heavy, Stouts, and Goze. But really, sort of everything or anything brewed well, and with rich flavors.

Visit Alayna at the Strike Brewing Co. Warehouse Taproom to talk beer!

Neil Flaiz
Taproom Team

Neil is a beer geek who originally was more interested in wine. But he attended a craft beer festival in 2004, and realized how fascinated he was with the complexities of beer. Neil boasts a beer cellar of 350+ bottles, and trades with people all over the country. His favorite styles are: Lambic, IPA, and any kind of a barrel aged stout, porter, or wild ale. Oh, and did we mention that he's a Meteorologist for PGE? Really! Just ask him.